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Species page for Rothschildia lebeau I

Records from Isla Colon:


Record Locator # 9178

Panama; B. del Toro; Isla Colon

lat 9.4070, long -82.3079

15-20 July 2012; 160w merc vapor lamp

pasture near primary forest; 8PM-5AM

Frederick C. Mosher

Field notes from Isla Colon:


This individual came to a mercury vapor light on the top of a hill on a rainy night in June. Rothschildia are diffiult to tell apart in some cases, and I've found two different-looking males on Isla Colon. I solved the problem by thinking of them as form I and II. The moth pictured here, form I, is a bright cinnamon-brown color; form II, which you can see here, is a darker brown..


The females I have found on the island all look about the same, colored somwhere between the male forms I and II.



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