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Species page for Xylophanes guianensis

Records from Isla Colon:


Record locator # 10381

Panama; B. del Toro; Isla Colon

Lat 9.4070, Long -82.3079 [ITEC] el 10m

June 17-27, 2014; moon new/waxing

160w MV light; pasture; hill near forest

Frederick C. Mosher




Field notes from Isla Colon:


Xylophanes guianensis is one of five Xylophanes species I have found so far on Isla Colon. Unlike the other species, which are relatively common there, guianensis is rare -- the specimen pictured here is the only one I have encountered. It came to a light set up near the entrance to a rainforest trail.


On the BOLD Systems website, X. guianensis is found from Costa Rica to Brazil, but there are no previous records from Panama. The species is similar to Xylophanes ceratomioides, but the forewing markings and dorsal abdominal line in this specimen agree more with guianensis. Assistance with ID for this individual would of course be greatly appreciated!






Identification source link:

To help with identification, email me at Please include specimen locator number.

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