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Species page for Xylophanes libya

Records from Isla Colon:


Record Locator # 7912

Panama; B. del Toro; Isla Colon

lat 9.4225; long -82.3211; el 10m

20-30 Dec 2009; 160w merc vapor lamp

"Gringolandia Rd"; jungle; 8PM-5AM

Frederick C. Mosher





Field notes from Isla Colon:

This moth is less common on Isla Colon than its congener, X. loelia. The two moths are nearly identical.


I have found libya only at one location, a jungle/secondary growth area within a few hundred meters of the seashore. In other locations, loelia is the predominant Xylophanes species.


Click here for a side-by-side comparison of these two very similar moths.




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