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Species page for Aellopos ceculus

Records from Isla Colon:


Record locator # 9229

Panama; B. del Toro; Isla Colon

lat 9.4070, long -82.3079

19 July 2012; day; flying near Piper

ITEC field station; 5PM

Frederick C. Mosher


Record locator # 10429

Panama; B. del Toro; Isla Colon

Lat 9.4070, Long -82.3079 [ITEC] el 10m

23-27 March 2014; moon new/waxing

Fluorescent bub at ITEC station, 10PM

Frederick C. Mosher


Visual record: flying in pasture around tangled growth, 2PM, full sun, March 201

Field notes from Isla Colon:


This sphinx moth flies both day and night on Isla Colon, though I have only found it once at night. In that instance I saw one individual at a fluorescent porch bulb on an outside wall at the ITEC field station. There were mercury vapor lamps nearby but the moth chose the fluorescent.


During the day, Aellopos ceculus can be found patrolling low shrubs in pastures in bright sun. I have also found it once late in the afternoon right before sunset, nectaring at bushes in the pasture.


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