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Species page for Lonomia nr columbiana

Records from Isla Colon:


Record Locator # 7918

Panama; B. del Toro; Isla Colon

lat 9.4225; long -82.3211; el 10m

20-30 Dec 2009; moon new/waxing

160w merc vapor lamp; 8PM-5AM

Frederick C. Mosher



Field notes from Isla Colon:


The larvae of some Lonomia species are capable of stinging so severely that they have caused fatalities. This moth is typical of the Lonomia genus, and individuals in this group can be very hard to tell apart. My determination for this specimen is tentative and I welcome input from other workers (as is true across this entire website).


This individual is the only example of the genus that I have encountered on Isla Colon.



Identification source link:


To help with identification, email me at Please include specimen locator number.

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