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Species page for Oospila nr congener 2

Records from Isla Colon:


Record Locator # 9777

Panama; B. del Toro; Isla Colon

Lat 9.4070, Long -82.3079 [ITEC] el 10m

23-27 March 2014; moon new/waxing

160w MV light/sheet

Frederick C. Mosher



Field Notes from Isla Colon [needs to be edited] :


This moth, and the others like it pictured here, present a challenge in terms of identification.The best match o the Barcode of Life site (see below) appears to be either O. atopochlora or species "2YB," for which there is only one record, from Panama..Any help would be greatly appreciated!



Identification source link:






To help with identification, email me at Please include specimen locator number.

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