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These are moths in the subfamily Geometrinae that I have recorded on Isla Colon. Each specimen includes collecting data and observations I have made over years of visits to the island.


Material is organized on the right by genus. "BoLD" refers to the Barcode of Life Boldsystems website, upon which I base most of the determinations on this site.



Neagathia corruptata

Phrudocentra janeira

Chavarriella porcius

Dichorda obliquata

Synchlora gerularia

Tachyphyle acuta

Nemoria scriptaria

Tachychlora amylletes

Chloropteryx dealbata

Phrudocentra pupillata

Phrudocentra nr. vivida

Nemoria aturia

Tachyphyle undilineata

Synchlora expulsata

Tachychlora flavicoma

Geometrinae from Isla Colon, Panama

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