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These are moths in the subfamily Ennominae that I have recorded on Isla Colon. Each specimen includes collecting data and observations I have made over years of visits to the island.


Material is organized on the right by genus. "BoLD" refers to the Barcode of Life Boldsystems website, upon which I base most of the determinations on this site.

Ennominae from Isla Colon, Panama

Semiothisa gambaria

Epimecis matroniaria

Perigramma repetita

Macaria regulata

Physocleora CR8 (BoLD)

Glena uncata

Pero polygonaria

Erastria decrepitaria

Eusarca minucia

Iridopsis validaria

Paragonia cruraria

Nepheloleuca illiturata

Urepione YB01Pn (BoLD)

Leucula festiva

Metanema strigata

Patalene aenetusaria

Semiothisa arenisca

Oxydia vesulia

Oxydia apidiana

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