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Unidentified Moths 1

These are moths that I have so far been unable to identify with certainty. Any help is of course welcome!


Please use record locator number to refer to the specimen in question.

indet. 9263

Scolecocampinae; Gabara 


Hypeninae? indet. 10208

Noto indet. 10049

Ereb; Cato: Gonuris flaminea

Cato; Antiblemma Poole 06

Noto; Nystaleinae; Lyricinus?

Noto; Marthula rufescens indet. 9685

Notodontidae; N. eunoteloides?

Pyralidae; Chrysauginae;

chryBioLep01 BioLep200

Lymantriidae indet. 10217

Notodontidae; Hemiceras


Cossidae indet. 8996

Noto; Heterocampa; Meragisa?

Pero indet. 10414

Cossidae indet. 9892

Condica imitata indet. 7977

Panama Insects Tropical Insects

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